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Living Soil Cannabis





Farm Size

20K sqft


March, 2022
Re-Gen result:

9.4% yield improvement
due to more efficient nutrient uptake

Living Soil Cannabis

A top living soil grow in Colorado uses Re-Gen to recycle their leftover biomass, treating their stalks and leaves in stacks of totes. After the 3 weeks of Re-Gen's microbial action, the grow team mixes the recycled biomass with their amendments and allows them to cure together in their soil. To measure the impact of Re-Gen, the cultivation team planted performed a side-by-side comparison with and without the Re-Gen amendment across 3 strains of cannabis. Upon harvesting and process, bud yield was determined, and plants grown in Re-Gen recycled biomass had an average of 9.4% increase in bud yield compared to the grow's Best in Class Living Soil due to more efficient nutrient uptake.

This living soil grow aims to help people comfortably explore the world of cannabis by providing the best possible experience through sustainability, education, and exceptional product. They are located in Garden City & Fort Collins, Colorado.

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