Outgrow Chemicals

IMIO's regenerative agricultural products deliver 5X greater ROI than the leading ag chemicals.

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Accelerate the growth of healthy plant cuttings. Up to 64% faster growth after transplant vs. synthetic cloning gels.

Cannabis ·

Tomatoes ·

Roses ·

Corn ·

Wheat ·

and more


Accelerate plant breakdown 100X. Re-Gen turns plant “waste” into nutrient-rich soil safer and faster than chemicals.

Corn ·

Cannabis ·

Hops ·

Forage crops ·

Wheat ·

and more


  • Greater yields.

    Higher quality.

    In corn crops, IMIO delivers 20% greater yields than conventional chemical fertilizers and 9% greater nutrient value per ton.

  • Regenerative

    and organic

    Formulated from naturally occurring microbes like fungi, yeast, and bacteria, every IMIO product is safe for people, plants, and the planet.

  • Guaranteed


    Each IMIO batch is individually tested to avoid variation. We guarantee 100,000X more viable microbes than other bio-stimulants.

Setting the new standard for regenerative agriculture

Symbiotic, regenerative, and organic-

If we are to feed our planet without destroying it, this the only acceptable standard for agricultural products.

At IMIO, we're making it a reality.


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Steve Fortman, Ghost Dog Dairy

Every time I drove into the IMIO section I had to downshift with the square baler because the windrows were thicker by a third or more

Growth and stewardship, together

We envision a world where farmers, growers, and gardeners can raise plants without sacrificing profit, safety, or soil and water quality.


Why would microbes help my plants?

Microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and more) have lived and evolved with plants for thousands of years. Many microbes and plants live in symbiosis, both benefiting from their relationship with the other. 

Why are you trying to replace chemical inputs?

Ag Chemicals cause $157B in human health and environmental damage each year in the US alone. That’s the equivalent of Hurricane Sandy happening 4.5 times every year. 

The costs of using these chemicals is only increasing. They deplete our best soils, robbing them of nutrients and beneficial microbes, so you need more and more chemical inputs each year. Right now it’s estimated the the US Corn Belt is losing $2.5B/year.

The human cost motivates us even more than these huge numbers. Exposure to Ag Chemicals is linked to higher rates of cancer, respiratory disease, miscarriages and impotency. These harms are felt most by communities of color, who also suffer the most from the current and escalating damage of climate change.

What species of plants do your products work on?

We’ve validated Root and Re-Gen on a wide variety of crops and have customers using them on various grains, vegetables, vineyards, and hops. To name a few specific crops, customers use Re-Gen on corn, wheat, rye straw, hops, and cannabis crop residuals. Root has been used on an even wider variety of plants including but not limited to cannabis, tomatoes, grape vines, lavender, begonias, and grasses. If you grow something and are interested in our products, please feel free to reach out.

All natural. More powerful.

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