Re-Gen quickly and consistently breaks down plant residues to put valuable nutrients back into your soil and crops. Priced at $18/acre.

Apply after harvest or before planting

Plant residues are typically left in fields to slowly rot. By the time you’re ready to plant again, only a fraction of the stored nutrients have made it back into your soil. 

Re-Gen works by accelerating plant decomposition so more nutrients become available before you plant. Simply spray Re-Gen onto your fields, and Re-Gen’s microbial communities do the rest. Your next crop will have more nutrients to work with, leading to bigger, healthier, higher-quality plants.

Better nutrient uptake. Better outcomes.

  • 20% greater yields than conventional chemical fertilizers alone

  • 9% greater nutrient value per ton

  • 30% cost savings via reduced fertilizer use

Multi-year corn trial: Nea Tocht Farm

Farmers at Nea Tocht, an 800-acre farm in Vermont, sprayed IMIO Re-Gen onto cover crop and corn residues in the spring, turning them into bioavailable nutrients for the fall harvest. The result? 20%+ yield improvements in consecutive years.

Ready when you are

Shipped as a shelf-stable powder to ensure they’re at peak activity when used, you simply add water to activate the microbes in Re-Gen. We guarantee 100,000X more viable microbes at time of application than other bio-stimulants.

Science and nature work better together

Re-Gen combines naturally occurring microbes into novel microbial communities optimized to promote plant and soil health. You get the safety of a natural product, with the power and precision of the latest biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovations.

An overhead shot of a corn field

All natural. More powerful.