Our story

We’re on a mission to unlock greater agricultural productivity and restore the planet by harnessing the intelligence of living microbes.

Our Story

Chemical ag products have robbed growers of the ability to build a sustainable business in harmony with the land. Dangerous for workers, and destructive to soil, chemicals have become a necessary evil: the cost of doing business in an ever-tightening market.

At Imio, we’re creating a new future for agriculture. One where farmers can grow healthier, more profitable crops and restore balance and vitality to their land. All by harnessing the power of microbes.

All natural, safe to handle, and regenerative for the planet, Imio’s patented microbial inoculants are proven to increase healthy crop yields by as much as 35% by increasing nutrient uptake and quickly transform wasted plant matter into living, nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Like the growers we work with every day, we spend much of our time on the land. We opened our first lab on a third-generation Vermont farm and take great pride in collaborating with local Vermont farms.

In operation since 2018, Imio is championing the idea that there's no such thing as plant waste.

Healthy plants and healthy soil have something in common: they love microbes. At Imio, we love microbes too. The more we know about them, the more we appreciate how important they are for plants, soil, humans, animals - and the Earth as a whole.

Our values

  • 01.

    Agriculture can restore the planet

    Agricultural chemicals have caused significant harm to people and the planet. We envision a new future where agriculture strengthens communities and ecosystems.

  • 02.

    Science and nature work better together

    We see science as an extension of the natural world. When nature and science work together, great things can happen.

  • 03.

    Give more than you take

    Every product Imio creates is designed to return value to the earth.

  • 04.

    Be regenerative

    Socially, economically, and scientifically, regenerative practices are built into the core of Imio.

  • 05.

    Better is better

    We tackle big problems, one step at a time. We believe that incremental progress, sustained over time, adds up to massive results.

Our craft

Microbes are the natural engine of recycling organic matter and our inoculant has optimized this process through rigorous research and development.

Where traditional composting takes a roundabout approach to cultivating microbial communities by balancing carbon and nitrogen inputs that take years to break down, we directly introduce the organisms we know are best suited for the job and can do it effectively in weeks.

Our proprietary combination of bacteria and fungi helps farmers reclaim their nutrients and keep them in their soil where they belong.

Our partners

National Science Foundation

Imio was honored to receive as SBIR grant from the NSF supporting our R&D efforts and our commitment to environmental impact.

Cleantech Open Accelerator

In fall 2020, Imio (then called Full Circle Microbes) completed the Cleantech Open accelerator, the largest and longest-running clean technology accelerator.

The University of Vermont

As part of a National Science Foundation grant project, University of Vermont Plant and Soil Sciences quantified Imio's inoculants best in class microbial performance and plant outcomes.


Grafikwerket partnered with and invested in Imio to build our brand, amplifying our reach and impact.

Work at the intersection of climate, tech, and regenerative agriculture