About us

IMIO develops and manufactures regenerative agricultural products designed to outperform leading ag chemicals.

Our mission

Agricultural products should work with nature, not against it. At IMIO, we combine cutting-edge science with beneficial microbes like bacteria, yeast, and fungi to create a new, more effective class of regenerative agricultural products.

Headquartered in Essex Junction, Vermont, we’re on a mission to make farms more profitable by restoring their soil health.

We’re working to make farms more profitable by restoring their soil health.

Our philosophy

IMIO is rooted in an approach that we call Organic Intelligence.™

Rather than trying to bend nature to our will, we create products that work with it. Rather than prioritizing one outcome over all others, we think systemically. Rather than endangering people and the planet, we work organically.

Symbiotic, regenerative, and organic—this is the heart of IMIO. If we are to feed our planet without destroying it, this is the only acceptable standard for agricultural products. 

Our approach

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    We create products that allow agriculture to return value to natural ecosystems.

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    We let science and nature work together, rather than pitting them against one another.

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    We believe that incremental progress, sustained over time, adds up to massive results.

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    We take inspiration from the natural symbiotic relationships between plants and beneficial microbes.

Harnessing the power of microbes

Microbes are nature’s growth engine. Where the right microbial communities flourish, plants and people flourish too.

The microbial communities that form our products are the result of years of research and manufacturing innovation. We partner extensively with leading research labs and agronomists to ensure that every product we create is safe, consistent, and more effective than the leading chemical-based competitors.

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Our partners

National Science Foundation

IMIO was honored to receive as SBIR grant from the NSF supporting our R&D efforts and our commitment to environmental impact.

Cleantech Open Accelerator

In fall 2020, IMIO (then called Full Circle Microbes) completed the Cleantech Open accelerator, the largest and longest-running clean technology accelerator.

The University of Vermont

As part of a National Science Foundation grant project, University of Vermont Plant and Soil Sciences quantified IMIO's inoculants best in class microbial performance and plant outcomes.

G—W Studios

G—W Studios is an independent design agency working closely with early-stage companies. G—W is a proud design partner and investor in IMIO.

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