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Nea Tocht





Farm Size

800 acres


May, 2022
Re-Gen result:

17% corn yield improvement due to more efficient nutrient uptake

Nea Tocht

Nea Tocht farm applies Re-Gen to residual corn fodder and cover crops to recapture nutrients and increase their bioavailability.

Side by side comparisons of fields with and without Re-Gen showed that Re-Gen increased corn ear weight per plant an average of 17% due to more efficient nutrient uptake. This improvement was also evident in individual ear weight, which increased 11% in Re-Gen treated fields.

Nutrient analysis of corn from the Re-Gen and control fields showed an increase of $3.91/ton in the Re-Gen treatment group according to the Shaver Formula.

Nea Tocht Farm is a family-owned 800 acre/500 cow dairy farm growing feed corn in Ferrisburgh, VT. Founded in 1976 by Raymond Vander Wey, Nea Tocht Farm has received numerous awards for its milk quality and conservation practices.

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