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1902 Organics





Farm Size

10 acres


March, 2022
Root result:

Healthiest clones dispensaries have ever seen

1902 Organics

“Dispensaries that I sell to tell me that these are the healthiest clones they’ve ever seen, and we get nearly a 100% success rate. We get roots covering the bottom of a 1 gallon pot in 7 to 9 days, using only Root and nutrient water, I would highly recommend this product to anyone."

-Clint Smith, 1902 Organics

After dipping them in Imio Root, Clint plugs his clones directly into 1 gallon pots of living soil. Roots develop to the bottom of the pot within 7-9 days. No additional amendments are used prior to root development.

1902 Organics cultivates sun-grown cannabis with an emphasis on quality, cleanliness and regenerative Ag practices on their 5th generation family farm in Oklahoma.

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