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Petrichor Farm





Farm Size

10 acres


September, 2021
Re-Gen result:


Increase in dry bud yield
due to more efficient nutrient uptake

Petrichor Farm

Using Re-Gen, Petrichor Farm turned their leftover hemp stalks and residual biomass into a bioavailable nutrient source in a matter of weeks.

They applied this recycled material to their sun-grown, organic hemp crop in Huntington, Vermont and tracked the performance of the Re-Gen plants compared to a control group receiving their standard nutrient regimen.

At harvest, they found that plants treated with Re-Gen recycled biomass showed a 35% increase in dry bud yield due to more efficient nutrient uptake.

Petrichor Farm is proud to offer small batch Vermont grown VOF/USDA certified organic hemp products cultivated on their family farm in Huntington, Vermont.

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